Configuring Audio/Video Setup

The Audio/Video Setup lets you set audio preferences such as output, speaker configuration, and subwoofer control and adjust the video settings.

To configure the Audio/Video Setup settings

1 On the Setup dialog box, click the Audio/Video Setup tab.

Corel WinDVD setup audio%20video%20setup Configuring Audio/Video Setup

2 In Advanced Audio Control, you can do either of the following:

· Select Send 0.1 (LFE Subwoofer) to Speakers/Headphones to send the subwoofer signal to the main speakers or headphones.

· Select Enable Auxiliary Audio option to enable auxiliary devices present in your system. The output of auxiliary audio devices is mixed with your MIDI and waveform-audio output devices.

  • Select Remember Volume Setting to retain the last volume level setting the next time you run WinDVD.

3 In Advanced Video Control, do either of the following tasks:

· Select Use Hardware Decode Acceleration to show the corresponding video technology (NVIDIA PureVideo HD, AMD Radeon, or Intel Clear Video).

· Select PAL TruSpeed to automatically correct PAL speed errors and adjust audio pitch.

  • Select Fixed Aspect Ratio to fix the aspect ratio of your video.

4 Click OK.



Configuring Audio/Video Setup