Configuring Mobile Technology Pack

Mobile Technology is optimized for Intel Centrino Mobile technology. With WinDVD optimized power saving settings, memory caching and battery end life control, you can enjoy your movies without worrying about your battery dying unexpectedly. The Mobile Technology power-saving feature is only applicable when the system is in battery mode, particularly in laptop computers.

To configure the Mobile Technology Pack power-saving feature

1 On the Setup dialog box, click the Mobile Technology Pack tab.

Corel WinDVD setup mobile%20technology%20pack Configuring Mobile Technology Pack

2 Select the Enable WinDVD Mobile Power Scheme checkbox to enable the Mobile Technology power-saving features and maximize battery life while running WinDVD on your laptop.

3 Click View Mobile Power Settings to view and customize the power scheme options.

4 Select the Enable Mobile Power Optimizations checkbox to enable the system memory optimizations to reduce power.

5 In the System Memory Usage drop-down menu, choose from a variety of power-saving modes:

· Aggressive: Offers the best power-saving feature, but may affect the performance of other applications running at the same time.

· Average: Offers some power-saving feature. Does not significantly affect other applications.

· Conservative: Offers the least power-saving feature, but allows maximum flexibility to run new applications.

6 In Minimum Battery to Play, slide the lever from left to right to set the minimum battery run time. This setting prevents your laptop from unexpectedly shutting down during continued movie playback. When the battery life reaches the level indicated, WinDVD will close automatically and you can still use your laptop for other applications.

7 Click OK.



Configuring Mobile Technology Pack