Adjusting Color

WinDVD color controls are similar to those on your television set. They enable you to adjust brightness, contrast, hue, and other parameters.

Corel WinDVD enhancements color Adjusting Color

To configure the Color settings

In the Color tab, select your display device to apply the settings that are optimized for it. Options include Default, LCD, CRT, Projector and Custom to create a new preset.

Adjust the following attributes by moving their corresponding sliders.

  • Brightness: Increases or decreases the video brightness.

  • Contrast: Increases or decreases the contrast.

  • Hue: Adjusts the hue from green to magenta.

  • Color: Adjusts the color from black and white to a more vivid color.

  • GAMMA: Corrects images designed to be viewed in one medium (such as a movie screen) to display accurately in another screen (for example, an LCD).

To return the settings to default values, click the Reset button.



Adjusting Color