Advanced Audio Setup

For those who want that extra flexibility, WinDVD includes additional options in the Audio/Video Setup tab of the Setup dialog box. See Configuring Audio/Video Setup.

Send 0.1 (LFE Subwoofer) to Speakers/Headphones

This feature is designed to avoid losing the Low Frequency Effects (LFE, subwoofer, or 0.1 channel) on Dolby Digital sources in a system that does not have a subwoofer installed.

Check the Send 0.1 (LFE Subwoofer) to Speakers/Headphones to send the subwoofer signal to your Front Left and Front Right speakers (or headphones). When this option is enabled, WinDVD sends the Low Frequency Effects signal equally to the main speakers or headphones. This feature is for richer sound without a subwoofer.

Use this feature only if your main speakers can handle significant bass energy below 80 Hz. Not recommended for use with most PC speakers.



Advanced Audio Setup