Using All2HD

The All2HD tab lets you enhance your video using the Trimension™ All2HD technology. Developed by NXP Software, All2HD is a full software-based solution that guarantees quality high definition playback on your PC.

Corel WinDVD enhancements all2hd Using All2HD

To HD Enhancement

You can convert standard definition to high definition without losing picture quality. Advanced conversion technology lets you convert up to full 1080p.

Digital Natural Motion

A standard computer monitor displays images at a rate of 60 to 100 images per second while film is usually recorded at 24 frames per second. A technique known as 2:3 pulldown converts film to 60 frames per second to be viewed on a computer monitor. This causes motion judder.

With Digital natural motion, the motion speed and direction of objects are measured. New fields are then created with corrected motion position. This results in perfectly smooth and judder-free moving images. Viewers enjoy high-speed action scenes that are sharp and motion compensated.

To configure All2HD settings

1 In the All2HD tab, enable the Enable Trimension All2HD checkbox.

2 To compare a video clip with and without applying All2HD, enable Demo Mode.

3 In To HD Enhancement, select the video resolution. You can upscale standard DVD resolution to full 1080p. Drag the slider to control sharpness.

4 In Digital natural motion, you can set video quality to Best Quality or Cinematic Look. Choose Off to disable this feature.



Using All2HD