Using Time Stretch

Time stretching lets you modify the playback speed from half-speed to double-speed without losing stereo output or distorting the audio. This is a useful feature that enables you to adjust the total length or time of playback to suit your needs. If you need to finish watching a video completely in a time frame that is shorter than the length of the video, you can use the time-stretching feature to speed up the playback.

Corel WinDVD enhancements time%20stretch Using Time Stretch

To configure the Time Stretch settings

1 Click the Slow or Fast button to slow down or speed up playback. Alternatively, use the slider underneath the buttons to control the playback speed.

The playback speed will be displayed in the Play Speed settings box. In order to ensure that the audio is not affected during playback, the maximum and minimum speed limit range from 0.5x to 2x.

Remaining Time displays time left before the video ends.

2 Press the Default radio button and enter the specific time you want to finish watching the current movie clip, corresponding with the time in your computer.

3 Press the Total Movie Time radio button to specify the time available for you to complete the movie.

To return the settings to default values, click the Reset button.



Using Time Stretch