Uneven Video Playback

If your movie is playing in an uneven manner, make sure that your hardware meets or exceeds the minimum requirements for using WinDVD. If it does, the problem could be with the DMA setting. Make sure that the DMA setting of your DVD-ROM drive is turned on before using WinDVD. The following procedure is to enable DMA for Windows Vista®.

To enable the DMA setting

1 Click Control Panel in the Start Menu and double-click on the System and Maintenance icon.

2 Click Device Manager.

3 Double-click IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers or click the plus sign next to it to expand it.

4 Right-click on Secondary IDE channel and select Properties.

5 Click the Advance Settings tab and select Enable DMA under Device Properties.

6 Click OK.

If there is no DMA checkbox available on your system, you may have a motherboard that does not support DMA, or you may need a new set of drivers to update your motherboard support.

Verify the type of motherboard that you have and check the Web site of that manufacturer for an updated chipset driver. Some core logic chipset Web sites are listed below:



Uneven Video Playback